For millennia, Peru’s native peoples drew culinary inspiration from the country’s diverse regional ecologies. From Peru’s bountiful Pacific waters to the peaks and valleys of the Andes and the Amazon jungle basin, every region, every people, had their own traditions, recipes, tonics and techniques. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Spain made Peru the political seat of its New World colonies. Spanish aristocracy populated the valleys of coastal Peru, primarily settling in the area now known as Lima. The Peruvian diet shifted dramatically to accommodate Spanish ingredients, recipes and traditions, including those of the Moorish Arabs who had occupied Spain and North Africa for the nearly seven hundred years previous. When Peru gained its independence from Spain in the 1820s, waves of immigrants arrived from China, Japan, France and Italy, bringing along the recipes and cooking techniques of their homelands. Today, Lima is considered one of the gastronomical capitals of the world, reflecting Peru’s complex, internationally influenced culinary history.

The eventual melding of Old and New World culinary customs gave rise to one of Peru’s most popular cuisines – la cocina Criolla. Andina’s kitchen emphasizes the brilliant flavors and cherished techniques of la cocina Criolla, while also introducing the contemporary principles of la cocina Novoandina, or Novo-Andean cooking. Novo-Andean cuisine aspires to revive native, pre-Colonial ingredients and techniques and incorporate them into creative, modern presentations of the highest international caliber. A passionate and tirelessly inquisitive spirit informs the creation of Andina’s menus, as we celebrate Peru’s long history, its current culinary renaissance, and the homegrown bounty of Oregon’s own farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Our kitchen team selects and prepares the freshest and most authentic ingredients available. From ocean to farms, Andina sources its ingredients both locally and in direct trade with a community of organic farmers in Chincha, Peru. Our goals are to serve delicious food in a beautiful setting and offer a genuine taste of Peruvian culture as expressed through its cuisine.