YUCA FRITA fried yuca served with salsa ají verde 5.5
TRIO DE PAPAS con SALSAS PERUANAS new potatoes served warm with ocopa, huancaína and rocoto salsas and cancha 8.5
ACEITUNAS DE BOTIJA Y QUESO FRESCO Peruvian olives and cheese in olive oil and togarshi 6


SOPA DEL DÍA soup of the day 9
LOCRO SERRANO squash stew with Andean tubers and cheese, served with garlic rice and a fried quail egg 12.5


ENSALADA VERDE PERUANA mixed greens, palmitas, cotija cheese and asparagus in a passionfruit vinaigrette 10
ENSALADA ANDINA lime-scented quinoa salad with avocado, cotija cheese and olives topped with fresh salsa 10
ESPÁRRAGOS PERUANOS grilled asparagus brushed with Andean chimichurri 10


DE PESCADO “5 ELEMENTOS” * our iconic preparation of fresh fish in leche de tigre 20
MIXTO CHORRILLANO * shrimp, mussels, scallops, octopus and fish in leche de tigre 19
DE LANGOSTINOS CON MARACUYÁ  green apples and poached prawns in a leche de tigre de maracuyá 19


ATÚN FUSIÓN * sashimi-style tuna in a tamarindo-rocoto uchucuta, served with a mango-peanut salsa 21
DE BETARRAGA roasted red and golden beets, served with ají verde al batán, pickled vegetables and sesame oil 14


CONCHAS A LA PARRILLA* grilled diver scallops with tamari-brown sugar butter and crispy onions 14.5
PULPO A LA PLANCHA grilled octopus baked with Andean chimichurri and mojado de papa con alcaparras 16.5
LANGOSTINOS AMELCOCHADOS panko-crusted prawns, melcocha sauce, cauliflower purée 14.5


MORADA Peruvian purple potato with shredded chicken breast with ají amarillo purée 10.5
MIXTA NIKKEI * crab and ahi tuna stacked atop aji-amarillo infused Yukon Gold potato purée 14.5


DE POLLO ají-mirasol-marinated chicken kebobs, served with spicy salsa de rocoto 12.5
DE CORAZÓN * ají-panca-marinated beef heart kebobs, served with spicy salsa de rocoto 12.5


PALTA RELLENA DE CANGREJO avocado stuffed with crab, topped with a poached prawn and aioli de rocoto 14.5
YUCA RELLENA yuca croquetas stuffed with mozzarella and cotija cheese, served over huancaína sauce 12.5
PIMIENTO PIQUILLO RELLENO sweet piquillo peppers stuffed with quinoa, cheese and Serrano ham 13
HUMITAS DE QUESO choclo and sweet corn cake stuffed with cheese and ají amarillo; served with salsa criollo 8.5


CARNE savory pastry filled with slow-cooked beef, raisins, egg and Botija olives served with salsa criolla 13
ESPINACA Y ACELGAS cheese, spinach, chard, mushrooms and egg filled pastry; served with salsa criolla 13