Note: Items marked with a (V) can be made vegan.


vegan-vegetarian tapas

YUCA FRITA V fried yuca served with salsa verde 5.
TRES SALSAS CON PAN maní (peanut) maracuya (passionfruit) and verde (jalapeño) salsas with potato-quinoa bread 6.
TRIO DE PAPAS Y SALSAS PERUANAS V three types of potato served warm with ocopa, huancaína and rocoto salsas 8.
TORTILLA DE PAPA Spanish-style potato frittata with an ají amarillo aioli 10.

SOPA DEL DÍA V soup of the day 9.
LOCRO SERRANO V squash stew with Andean tubers and cheese, served with garlic rice and a fried quail egg 12.5

ENSALADA VERDE PERUANA V greens with hearts of palm, cotija cheese and asparagus in a passionfruit vinaigrette 10 / 19.
QUINOA CON VERDURAS V lime-scented quinoa salad with avocado, cotija cheese and olives 10 / 19.
ESPÁRRAGOS PERUANOS V grilled asparagus brushed with chimichurri 9.5 / 18.

DE BETARRAGA V roasted red and golden beets, served with ají verde al batán, pickled vegetables and sesame oil 14.

a traditional timbale of lime-scented potato purée, layered with assorted fillings, served chilled with avocado
SOLTERITO V Yukon Gold potato with a salad of green beans, fresh corn, cotija cheese and tomatoes 10.5 / 20.

YUCA RELLENA yuca croquetas stuffed with mozzarella and cotija cheese, served over huancaína sauce 12.5 / 24.
HUMITAS DE QUESO traditional Peruvian corn tamale stuffed with ají amarillo, mozzarella and cotija cheese 8.
EMPANADAS DE ACELGAS two savory pastries stuffed with braised spinach and mozzarella served with salsa criolla 12.5/24.

vegan-vegetarian lunch and dinner entrées

Note: Our tapas menu is available at lunch as well.


the Incas referred to quinoa as the mother of all grains – quinoa “risotto” with Grana Padano cheese, golden beets,
local mushrooms and market fresh vegetables, laced with truffle oil 21.

wild mountain mushrooms wok-fried with onions, tomatoes, soy sauce, garlic and ají amarillo, served with Yukon Gold papas fritas and garlic rice 23.


Some sauces contain peanuts. Items marked with * may contain raw or
undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry,
seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.